100. GSK-GK (BOSIET) Safety and Emergency Training

For personnel wishing to work offshore.

100. GSK-GK (BOSIET) Safety and Emergency Training

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Target group

Offshore personnel.


This course is meant to motivate the individual to actively promote a better and safer work environment. Emphasis is put on training that can prevent danger to personnel, equipment and environment. Following completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of safety practices, prevention of work accidents, and knowledge about relevant fire protection and rescue equipment used in the industry.

In addition participants will acquire skills/knowledge about use of fire-/rescue equipment, first aid and be aware of regulations and laws that control the oil industry. Participants will also be taught what apparatuses are available when accidents or disasters occur both nationally and internationally.

Throughout the course our goal is to create positive attitudes to the term safety and an understanding of the importance of the social and physical work environment for life, health and values both at work and during leisure time.





4 days

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Information about the centre, competency test
  • HSE (Health Safety Environment) culture/prevention
  • SfS DVD
  • Theory; Suit w/equipment, hazards (drowning, hypothermia)
  • Practical Exercises: Suits, evacuation to the sea, survival skills after evacuation, life raft
  • Practical Exercises: Buddy check, protective equipment, behavioral training
  • First Aid
  • Theory and practical exercises: Distress signals, lifesaving first aid, ABCD
  • Helicopter evacuation
  • Muster drills

Theory: Emergency Alerts/Alarms, Exercises for life raft and rescue boat.

Practice: Life raft and rescue boat.


Fire Safety

Theoretical-Practical exercises: Fire extinguisher, evacuation.



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