• GSK - GK (Bosiet) Safety and Emergency Training.

    CAMPAIN - NOK 12 500,- Sign up today!

  • Norward offer courses in Chemical diving / Chemical management

    High quality training facilities where the participants will recognize a typical coolingplant with necessary equipment. The courses contain both theoretical and practical exercises. Sharp exercises in realistic environments.

  • Norward offers consultant services for emergency response organizations/industries

    Risk analysis/-ROS, Emergency response analysis, Emergency response organization, Emergency response planning, Training, Exercises, Evaluation

    We can tailor courses for your business!

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  • GSK-GK Grunnleggende sikkerhets- og beredskapskurs - 4 dager
  • GSK repetisjonskurs grunnleggende sikkerhets- og beredskapskurs - 2 dager
  • Søk og redningslag repetisjonskurs -
    2 dager

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