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Contact us

Norward AS
Asdalstrand 291
3960 Stathelle

Switchboard / booking:
Phone: +47 35 12 08 00 or
Fax number: +47 35 12 08 01

Directions to the course centre:

Norward is located in an industrial area called Ronningen in the town Bamble, Telemark (county). From the main highway E-18 going south, enter on to road #354 via a roundabout. Keep going south and drive towards Brevik. Then follow road #353 for approximately 8 km where you will see signs going to the industrial area called Ronningen.


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  • There are trains and buses going to Porsgrunn which is the nearest town - located approximately 20 km from Norward.
  • Torp Airport Sandefjord, - located approximately 58 km from Norward.
  • Geiteryggen Airport  Skien, - located approximately 18 km from Norward. 


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